CDWC Celebrates Special Anniversary

CDWC Celebrates Special Anniversary

Although celebrating the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage was scheduled for 2020, everyone knows why it had to be postponed. Fast-forward to May 14, 2022: the Cheshire Democratic Women’s Club (CDWC) finally held their celebration with a buffet brunch and a performance by The Victorian Lady, Kandie Carle. The event, held at the Elim Park Conservatory, was well attended by members, friends, and residents of Elim Park. Proceeds from the event benefit the Phyllis K. Clouse Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded annually by the CDWC to a Cheshire High School senior.

The Suffragettes wore white to events and parades, indicating the purity and high-mindedness of their goals. Anne Harrigan, president of the CDWC, stands proudly with attendees in celebration of 102 years of Women’s Suffrage.

Among the attendees were Ann Graham, a resident at Elim Park, and Alice Eckert, mom of CDWC member Betty Bajek. These ladies have been friends since kindergarten and have enjoyed a 91-year friendship!

Kandie Carle, a performing historian, regaled the audience with her knowledge of Victorian times, especially the clothes worn during this era.


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