Kensett Corner Comes To Life Near High School

Kensett Corner Comes To Life Near High School

Photo courtesy of Ron Gagliardi

If you happen to take a turn into the parking lot at Cheshire High School, you will officially be on Kensett Corner.

Last month, School District officials, as well as members of the Cheshire High School History Club, helped to officially mark the area as Kensett Corner with a special banner depicting the famous 19th century artist John Frederick Kensett, who lived in Cheshire. The banner was made possible by a donation from Mary Hyson. A second banner was also created to hang at different locations throughout town, which could serve as a replacement for the one outside of CHS.

Pictured hanging the banner is Hyson, History Club advisor Ron Gagliardi, History Club member Connor Ford, and Superintendent of Schools Jeff Solan.


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