Schedule Your Vaccinations

Schedule Your Vaccinations

National Immunization Awareness Month’s highlights the importance of getting your recommended vaccines throughout your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many children and adults get sick each year from diseases that vaccines can prevent. Vaccinations are the first and most important line of defense in preventing respiratory diseases. Another reason why August is deemed immunization awareness month, is to make sure children get caught up on missed well-child visits and receive their recommended vaccines.

Likewise, adults need to keep their vaccinations up to date because immunity from childhood can wear off, and over time adults can be at risk for different diseases. Adult vaccines can vary due to their age, health history and/or occupation. Some adult vaccinations include Influenza, COVID-19, DTAP, Shingles, Hepatitis B, and Pneumonia.

Vaccination is a key public health priority; because it not only protects the vaccinated person, but also prevents the spread of disease in the community. This is especially vital to those most vulnerable to serious complications: infants and young children, elderly, and those with chronic conditions and weakened immune systems.

Please visit the Chesprocott Health District website,, to book your COVID-19 vaccination.

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