Ye Takes First Place At Dodd Geography Bee

Ye Takes First Place At Dodd Geography Bee

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, 28 students participated in the Dodd Middle School level of the National Geographic Bee. Social Studies Division Leader Kristen Giuliano and Social Studies Teachers Ryan Cote, Keely Garden and Frank Jawidzik asked the students seven rounds of questions covering a range of National Geographic compelling themes, such as “State Savvy,” “Weird But True,” and “Forces of Nature.”

Eliminations were made after the seventh round, leaving eleven students still standing. Impressively, all four of the eighth grade Red Team candidates remained. Brian Krzanowski, James Ferraro, Ethan Candal, and Jonah Lippman represented the only team left fully intact.

After two more intense rounds, it was narrowed down to Peggy Weng, Dan D’Souza, Davis Commune, and Tyler Ye. These five went head-to-head on some of the more challenging questions until Commune, Ye, and Ferraro surfaced as the three finalists.  

The trio participated in answering Championship Round questions, which required written responses. Ye secured his victory when he was the only one to correctly answer, “Teenager Greta Thunberg started a global movement bringing attention to climate change when she protested outside of her country’s Parliament House, located in the Gamla Stan district of what Swedish city?” Ye accurately responded with “Stockholm.”  

Ye went on to take the online qualifying test through National Geographic. The National Geographic Society  Washington, D.C. will review the test and determine which Connecticut students qualify to compete in a statewide contest at Central Connecticut State University on March 27. The Connecticut winner will then participate in a televised National contest in Washington, D.C. in May. The top student at the National Competition is awarded a $50,000 college scholarship plus other prizes.  


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