Applicant Presents Plans For 21-Lot Subdivision On Wiese And Academy Roads

Applicant Presents Plans For 21-Lot Subdivision On Wiese And Academy Roads

Plans for a proposed 21-lot subdivision, called Orchard View, on Wiese and Academy Roads were presented to the Cheshire Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday, Nov. 24.

Anthony Fazzone, from the Law Offices of Fazzone, Ryan and Riccuti, and Ryan MacAvoy, from the engineering firm Milone and MacBroom, presented the plans on behalf of the applicant, DeGennaro Development and Construction, LLC.

“The development in question... of the R40 zone, its on two properties—current properties that exist today—and they’re both under the same ownership,” explained MacAvoy, who continued that the two properties, one on Academy Road and the other on Wiese Road, will operate as a combined subdivison. 

“The two properties together are about 34 acres in size. The eastern half on Wiese light agricultural, primarily a hay field today with rolling topography...” MacAvoy said. “The western portion of the site is abutted by the Cheshire Academy campus with, again, more or less rolling topography...”

MacAvoy did confirm that the applicant has submitted their plans to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, but that no word has yet come from the Commission as to any decisions or reccomendations they may have. 

“This particular property does have pubic water on Wiese Road. Public sewer is not currently available on the site...What we propose is a 21-lot , single-family residential subdivison,” MacAvoy added. 

Private roads and a cul-de-sac will service both the Wiese and Academy Road sides of the properties, and MacAvoy did confirm that private septic systems and public water will be available to residencies. 

Fazzone also confirmed that the proposal calls for an Earth removal waiver due to what he described as “minor” grading issues on both Wiese and Academy Roads.

Commissioner Sean Strollo asked MacAvoy about possible recommendations that may come from the state.

“The one thing I didn’t hear from you (MacAvoy) was, what did the state say about coming out [to survey the road] on Route 68 and 70?” he asked. 

“The state typically does not weigh in on roadway locations either until a town has acted favorably on it or it is specifically requested by the Town,” MacAvoy responded. 

“On this application, what if they say no?” Strollo countered.

“Then we’d be back in front of you with a revised application,” MacAvoy answered. 

“I like the idea, but you are coming out onto a main roadway, and I really don’t think that they are [going to review and accept the location],” Strollo added. 

“I would expect, commissioner Strollo, that the DOT would not necessarily deny the entire road location...thats not generally how they review applications,” MacAvoy said.

The special permit application for Orchard View subdivision was left open until the next Planning and Zoning meeting, Dec. 14.

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