Cheshire Garden Club’s August Beauty Spot

Cheshire Garden Club’s August Beauty Spot

This very attractive front property at 81 Woodpond Road, nominated by Carol Doheny, has been named the August Beauty Spot of the Month. The award was presented by the Cheshire Garden Club to property owners Bill and Sandy Cunningham, pictured at left with their Bichon Frisé Marley and the marble award plaque.

Created more than a decade ago and tended to diligently by Sandy and Bill, the garden area in front of their beautifully renovated Colonial is flanked by a tall weeping Blue Atlas Cedar on the left side, with a variety of unique evergreen shrubs spaced throughout, all the way over to the other side of the house. Two stately tall manicured cedars flank the portico of their front entrance. From April through October, different varieties of shrubs and perennials are in bloom, such as the hydrangeas and several rose varieties flowering at this time. Whimsical garden ornaments abound, with a huge planter making a colorful statement at the right corner; petunias and verbenas occupy its center and a chartreuse-colored sweet potato vine ambles gracefully over its sides. Several annual varieties provide cut flowers throughout the season, and there is a huge vegetable garden.

This property is truly a sight to behold and the Cheshire Garden Club is pleased to recognize its design and beauty.


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