Cheshire Garden Club names Beauty Spot of the Year winner

Cheshire Garden Club names Beauty Spot of the Year winner

The Cheshire Garden Club’s Beauty Spot of the Year, established in 1966, is selected from the current year’s Beauty Spot of the Month winners starting in April and running through September.

The property selected exemplifies excellence in choice of plantings and maintenance throughout the year.

The winner is presented with a traveling silver bowl engraved with their name that they are allowed to keep for one year.

They also receive an engraved marble plaque bearing their name which is theirs to keep.

This year’s awardees were the July recipients Kerry and Nick Chaconis, 60 George Avenue, whose stunning front property was described and published in The Cheshire Herald’s Aug. 3 issue.

After having presented the Beauty Spot of the Year award, Club President Inge Venus (right, at center) is shown with Nick Chaconis holding the engraved traveling silver bowl while Kerry Chaconis is holding up the engraved marble plaque. The Cheshire Garden Club congratulates and thanks the winners for helping beautify our town.


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