Cheshire Garden Club's May Beauty Spots

Cheshire Garden Club's May Beauty Spots

The Cheshire Garden Club has selected the Beauty Spots of the Month for May and declared the awardees of the Public and the Residential Beauty Spots, and salutes both property owners for making our Town of Cheshire such a beautiful place.


Public Beauty Spot: The flowering Bradford Pear trees and the Daffodils at the numerous island beds throughout Maplecroft Plaza during the month of April signaled that Spring had arrived. Now during the month of May, as they enter the Plaza from Highland Avenue, visitors are met by a most stunning display of yellow, red, and white tulips. Soon a variety of daylilies, cone flowers and small ornamental grasses will provide added interest all summer.


Residential Beauty Spot: The hillside property at 505 Highland Avenue at the corner of Mountain View Terrace (diagonally across from the Cheshire Police Department) is a sight to behold. Over the years, homeowner Noel Richard has developed the entire area in front of his house to look attractive all year round, but especially during the growing season. A variety of small ornamental evergreen shrubs and trees closer to the house serve as background to a continuous display of flowering perennials, bulbous plants, and ground covers over the entire hill.

Currently in bloom are creeping phlox in pink, white, blue and red colors along the area closest to the walkway in front of the property. At the very top, Purple Gem Rhododendrons and Azaleas are blooming next to a huge Birch, a smaller Japanese Thread Leaf Maple, a weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and tall ornamental grasses that provide structure to the hill area. Most stunning during this month are the many different varieties of daffodils and tulips in red, yellow, white and orange, and interspersed among them are the little deep-blue Grape Hyacinths.    This hillside garden will be in bloom all summer long provided by a huge variety of perennials and bulbous plants — a continuous feast for the eye.


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