Control Your Drinking Around The Holidays

Control Your Drinking Around The Holidays

The winter holidays are a time for celebrations and spending time with family and friends. For many people alcohol will be part of the festivities and some people may drink more than they would at other times of the year. 

Alcohol misuse has many consequences. It affects both physical and mental abilities while also decreasing inhibitions, which can lead to poor decisions and dangers behind the wheel. Alcohol misuse is linked to accidents, crime, violence, and health problems.

So, this holiday season, do not underestimate the effects of alcohol. Don’t believe you can beat them, or they may beat you.

Here are some tips, from Chesprocott Health District, to keep in mind if you host a holiday gathering:

•Offer a variety of nonalcoholic drinks — water, juices, sparkling sodas. Nonalcoholic drinks help counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Also, the other fluids may slow the rate of alcohol absorption into the body and reduce the peak alcohol concentration in the blood.

•Provide a variety of healthy foods and snacks. Food can slow the absorption of alcohol and reduce the peak level of alcohol in the body by about one-third. It can also minimize stomach irritation and gastrointestinal distress the following day.

•Help your guests get home safely — use designated drivers and taxis. Anyone getting behind the wheel of a car should not have any alcohol.

•If you are a parent, understand the underage drinking laws and set a good example.

Have a safe holiday season!


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