New And Improved YMCA Ready For Members Again

New And Improved YMCA Ready For Members Again

Some serious renovations have been going on at the Cheshire YMCA for the past few months, and the YMCA staff is finally ready to unveil all that they have been working on. 

“We are really excited about getting people back into the Y, to see our members again, and give people a whole new reason to visit us,” said Mark Pooler, Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA CEO. “We want to bring the focus back to the community, back to bringing people together, and get every member of the community active and involved.”

The completely renovated facility boasts freshly-painted walls, brand-new equipment, a turf floor, and new multi-purpose spaces that both Pooler and Executive Branch Director Jay Jaronko hope will get the community ready to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 

“We’re really excited that we can now not only expand our current audience, but we can also offer more to the people who have always used the Y,” Jaronko said. “We now offer equipment that can be adapted to any age range, from youth to adult to seniors, which allows for us to have an even bigger presence in the community.”

The new gym equipment can easily adapt between individuals, allowing for a much more personalized workout experience, which benefits the user and can provide a variety of different workout programs. The equipment also accommodates youth athlete training for various sporting programs, which the Cheshire YMCA was unable to provide before. The facility also has three new “stair stepper” machines, which stand tall in the facility.

“Over the winter, we had a lot of groups come in to train, like the Cheshire boys soccer team, and they were able to keep up their strength and endurance during the off-season,” Jaronko explained. “Things like this are the difference between making the team and not, getting that athletic scholarship or not. It’s really important in such a sports-oriented town like Cheshire, and we can now offer something, really, for everyone.”

Jaronko is excited that the Y can now offer more in-depth training programs with their new multipurpose spaces, and more classes can be happening simultaneously. 

“Before, if we had a class running or childcare going on in the multipurpose room, we couldn’t run anything else,” he explained. “But now we have two areas where we can run programs and continue to offer the same great services we always have.”

In addition to the new equipment, the Cheshire YMCA is drastically changing their entire fee structure, aiming to be more competitive with other local gyms. 

“Right now, an adult who has a Y membership is paying around $40 a month, and we realize that is at the high end of the scale for a lot of people,” Jaronko said. “We are slashing our prices in half to $26 for an adult membership, and what the membership will get you is immediate access to both Southington and Cheshire facilities and programs.”

In the past, Southington YMCA members received preference for any Southington YMCA-based programs, but now Cheshire members will also be able to access Southington YMCA programs at the same time as Southington members. 

With the new price structure, Jaronko hopes to attract new members for the YMCA of all ages and backgrounds. 

“The YMCA doesn’t work without community buy-in, and here we are trying to be accessible now to everyone who has ever wanted to enjoy the Y,” he said.

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