Thanksgiving Tips For Staying Comfortable During And After 

Thanksgiving Tips For Staying Comfortable During And After 

It’s Thanksgiving!

That means one thing: Food. Lots and lots of food. More food than you can eat.

Normal holiday feasting means eating more than you should. While making a habit of such overeating can quickly become unhealthy, on Thanksgiving it’s expected. 

And with that overeating usually comes some discomfort.

Bloating during Thanksgiving is common not only because of the amount consumed but also the different types of foods filling the belly during the traditional feast. All that gravy and stuffing and sweet potato pies have more sugar and salt and fat than we usually consume over a 24-hour period, meaning a bad reaction from our body.

But there are some easy ways to perhaps combat bloating and uneasiness this Thanksgiving:


1.Drink mint tea or tea in general. Mint tea is especially effective, according to studies, in relieving stomach pain and relaxing muscles to help for easier digestion. So while no one will judge you for having one more glass of wine on Thanksgiving, throwing in some mint tea could help.

2.If you don’t like mint tea, then just staying hydrated is important. Water can help to flush out the excess salt you’ve been digesting. 

3.Staying active is another important way of combating holiday bloating. After the dinner is done and before you have that first piece of pie, maybe take a walk. For those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, maybe try some yoga, but be careful that you don’t upset your stomach further with your downward dog position.

4.It may sound silly, but if all else fails, rub your belly. Yes, rubbing your belly can actually help to ease the bloating and get things moving in the right direction.


What about the day after Thanksgiving? If you’re not feeling particularly vibrant on Nov. 27, there are some things you can do to get yourself back on track quickly.

Think about having some lemon juice instead of your usual latte. The lemon will help kick start your digestion and flush the liver. Also, some vegetable juice throughout the day can also help get you feeling better, or some quick hit of vitamins and nutrients. Despite the fact that you’ll spend your holiday eating, your body will probably be craving those nutrients.

And it’s probably a good idea to go easy on alcohol, sugars, salty and fatty foods for a few days afterwards. Eat and drink lightly, stay active, and try as quickly as possible to get yourself back into a normal routine.

From all of us here at The Cheshire Herald, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.


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