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Cheshire’s Parade To Honor Frontline Workers A Big Success

Cheshire’s Parade To Honor Frontline Workers A Big Success

During the COVID-19 crisis, many local communities have sought to find ways to unite neighbors while still adhering to the Centers for Disease Control’s strict social distancing guidelines. 

Recently, the Cheshire Police Department partnered with Bozzuto’s Hometown Foundation and Rossini’s Pizza to deliver over 200 pizzas to the local health care workers who have been on the front lines of the virus since early March. 

But what began as a simple idea to say thank you to frontline workers by providing a little lunch turned into a community-wide event that involved hundreds.

“Everything went extremely well and everyone was beyond happy to receive and be a part of the whole event,” said Cheshire Police Department Sergeant and former Town Councilor Jeff Falk. 

Falk and other officers escorted the pizzas to the local health care centers in town. As they traveled from location to location, Cheshire residents turned out along the route to cheer.

“At first, we didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but once people caught wind that we were doing this it became a big parade for everyone to thank the health care workers in town,” Falk added. “We have been lucky that people in Cheshire want to participate in things like this, which makes everyone feel united.”

Falk and the Cheshire Police Department hand-delivered the pizzas to each facility.

“Luigi over at Rossini’s always goes big, and this was no exception,” said Falk. “While we wanted to limit the actual amount of people handling the pizzas, we really want to be able to say thank you for what they are doing for us.”

The parade also received high praise from Town Manager Sean Kimball during the May 12 Town Council meeting. 

“The Bozzuto’s Hometown Foundation event that went on today was an amazing event and we greatly appreciate everything they did for our community,” mentioned Kimball. “It was a good dry-run as to what a town-wide parade can look like.”

Town Council Chairman Rob Oris also praised the event. 

“I was very happy to participate in the recognition of our front line workers. It was an honor to show our support for all they are doing during this unprecedented time,” he said. “Special thanks to Bozzuto’s Hometown Foundation, Rossini’s Restaurant and Cheshire PD for organizing and supporting the great event. As always, the Cheshire Community rallied together for a great cause.”


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