Bango Looking To Take Road Less Traveled To The BOE

Bango Looking To Take Road Less Traveled To The BOE

While voters may be familiar with some of the names listed on the ballot this November, one newcomer is trying to make sure he stands out.

Joseph Bango is running for a spot on the Board of Education and hopes that his  experience will set him apart from the rest of the candidates.

Another thing that diffierentiates Bango? He is running as an unaffiliated candidate. 

“I have a lot of frustration with the Board,” states Bango. “The way they deal with bullying issues and their overall transparency needs to change.”  

Bango has no ties to a particular political party, nor is he receiving additional funds, aside from his own, to run his campaign. 

”Its not about political parties,” cautioned Bango. “I just want to get things done, regardless of a political agenda.”

If Bango’s name seems familiar, it’s likely because of an incident that surfaced in May of 2013 when, according to a police report, his son was threatened by three students at Doolittle School, who claimed that they planned to bring knives to school in order to do the boy harm. At the time, Bango attended several BOE meetings and filed Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests with the Cheshire School District Central Office in an effort to address his specific issue.

Ultimately, Bango believes the incident was not resolved properly and was dismissed by both the principal at the time as well as Superintendent of Schools, Greg Florio.

“Once I heard about what happened at Doolittle last year with Angelita, I knew there needed to be a bigger change in the system.” Bango added. 

Since that time, Bango has been concerned about school climate issues.

“We should be given access to the information that the school has,” insists Bango. “I want every bullying and violent incident reported on and the amount of incidents in a year recorded, and this information should be easily accessible by the parents on the schools website.”

Bango, the President of CT Analytical, is also a scientist for NASA’s life finding mission on one of Saturn’s moons. He has had a hand in creating various technologies, and believes he can lend innovative thinking to the Board.

“Some of my patents can really help the schools,” said Bango. “I have developed a vaping detector that I would love to test out in real time with no cost to the schools. I also have new cyber-bullying technology that’s currently being developed.”

Bango has lived in Cheshire since 2005 and believes he has proven to be a consistent voice for Cheshire’s youth during his time within the community. In August of 2015, Bango, along with 11 other fathers, was recognized as a recipient of the Fatherhood Engagement award by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-5) for his role as a foster parent and his work with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Bango is also the President and Founder of Connecticut Kids First, which is a non-profit organization aimed at keeping children safe in schools, both physically and emotionally.

“The organization is (designed) to promote legislation to protect kids,” explained Bango. “We conduct nonprofit research to promote safe climate for kids in schools.”

Bango would also like to see Cheshire Public Schools and the Board utilize different technologies, new and old, in a more cost efficient way.

“We have so many classrooms dependent on SmartBoards that are out of date,” said Bango. “We are hemorraging money where we could be using common sense solutions to teach our children.”

Bango stated that those wishing to know more about his campaign can reach him at


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