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Town Offering Special Housing Rehabilitation Program

Town Offering Special Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Town of Cheshire Housing Rehabilitation Program Offers zero-percent interest loans to eligible homeowners for home repairs and upgrades.

Does your roof or plumbing leak? Does your heating system leave you cold? The Housing Rehabilitation Loan program can help residents make these repairs with no out-of-pocket expenses. The Town of Cheshire is now accepting applications for its Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program. Sponsored by HUD, CT DOH and the Town of Cheshire, the program provides interest-free, deferred payment home improvement loans to qualified low- and moderate-income residents.

The loans are not due and payable until change of title to the home. Eligible repairs include roof and window replacement, lead paint removal, heating system upgrades, code corrections, failed septic systems, handicap accessibility, among others.

Eligible applicants must

1) Be low- or moderate- income by HUD standards (up to $52,850 for family of one).

2) Have 10 percent equity in a home.

3) Be up to date on municipal taxes.

4) Have homeowners insurance.

For further information or to obtain an application, contact Lisa Low & Associates, Small Cities Consultants for the Town of Cheshire, at (203) 888-5624 or by email at info@lisalowassociates.com

The Town of Cheshire is an Equal Opportunity/Fair Housing Employer. Section 3, women’s and minority businesses are encouraged to apply.


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