Counter Weight Brewery Plans Move To Cheshire

Counter Weight Brewery Plans Move To Cheshire

Cheshire will soon be raising a glass to a popular area business.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Hamden-based brewery Counter Weight announced on its website that the busines has “an agreement to purchase land in Cheshire for the future home” of the brewery.

“This move isn’t about aggressive growth, but rather about building a space that will allow us to further our quality control, the efficiency of our day to day production, and to design a more focused experience for our guests,” the statement continues.

The brewery, which advertises a variety of beers on its website, “from beautiful, rustic Belgian ales and refined, sturdy German lagers to bright, hop-forward American IPA's,” is a well-known Connecticut brewery amongst regional beer enthusiasts. 

“We have been really fortunate in Hamden,” said owner Matt Westfall. “But we realized we were running out of space and the people of Cheshire have just been so nice to us.”

Westfall and his team started the search for a new brewery location about a year ago and, after speaking with Cheshire’s Economic Development Coordinator Gerry Sitko, they decided to settle on Cheshire. 

“They are really great people with a really great product,” said Sitko. “I am really excited to have them here, and I hope others are too. I think it’ll be a great addition to the community.”

The new location, according to Westfall, will offer the same social vibe as the current Hamden location, but will provide the brewery the ability to host events and gatherings on a much larger scale. 

“We will still have food trucks and a heavy social scene,” Westfall added. “But this time we are able to make the place entirely our own from scratch, which is very exciting.”

Counter Weight is perhaps best known for its “Headway” American IPA, which is described as being brewed with “four varieties of American hops” and a flavor profile described as  “bright and expressive,” according to their website. 

While the exact location of the new brewery is being held under wraps for now, Westfall insists that location was taken very seriously when the company decided to search for a larger space.

“We originally wanted to stay in Hamden, but there was nothing close to what we wanted there,” he explained. “Cheshire is great because it’s not too far away from our old location, so our staff and regulars can move with us.”

Once Westfall and his team at Counter Weight make the move to Cheshire, the Hamden location at 23 Raccio Park Rd. will close, but the timeline as to when the new one will open is yet to be determined. 


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