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Elim Park Takes Home Cheshire Garden Club’s Beauty Spot Of The Year

Elim Park Takes Home Cheshire Garden Club’s Beauty Spot Of The Year

The culmination of the Cheshire Garden Club’s Beauty Spot of the Month award, which runs from April through September, is the Beauty Spot of the Year award, also known as the Annual Landscaping Award, established 51 years ago in 1968.

The winner this year is Elim Park Place, at 150 Cook Hill Rd.

In the photo at right, Club Civics Chair Inge Venus (far left) is shown presenting the engraved marble plaque to Rob Cota, administrator of independent living at Elim Park, while Club Vice President Sue D’Agostino and Elim Park President and CEO Brian Bedard hold up the engraved traveling silver bowl, joined by Director of Facilities Rob Ullrich (far right).

Along with a lawn sign, Elim Park Place has the engraved bowl to display for one year while the plaque is theirs to keep.

Developed over a period of 20 years, Elim Park Place’s outstanding landscaping has evolved into a four-season delight, with both traditional and new species of annual and perennial plants, tender and hardy bulbs, ornamental and evergreen shrubbery, herbs, and deciduous trees that offer year-round interest. The plantings throughout the expansive grounds are reminiscent of a Botanical Garden.

Plants of different heights, shapes and textures can be found in dozens of garden areas throughout. Most prominent is the garden in front of the main entrance, with a gorgeous display of New Guinea Impatiens and Million Bells. Nestled among them are groupings of Fountain Grass, Liriope and Oakleaf Hydrangeas. Off to either side are different varieties of Hosta and Salvias — many of these plantings attracting goldfinches, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Some residents of many beautiful apartments have also created their own little garden plots, adding to the stunning scenery at Elim Park Place.


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