Hearing Aide Service Now Making House Calls

Hearing Aide Service Now Making House Calls

Nicholas Wills has been helping those who are hard of hearing for more than 20 years. During that time, he’s helped a myriad of people overcome a variety of obstacles, but nothing could have prepared him for the new challenges presented during a pandemic.

Wills, who has extensive experience in hearing aid repair work and as a board-certified hearing instrument specialist throughout Connecticut, noticed that, as the pandemic began to drag on, his clientele felt less comfortable seeking out service for one specific reason. 

“I began to see that, while my clients no longer wanted to come into the store to get their hearing aids repaired, they were still having issues with them,” he said. “A lot of my clients were going without appropriate hearing equipment because they didn’t want to risk leaving their homes due to the virus.”

To address the issue, Wills expanded his small business, called Home Hearing LLC, to accommodate for home pickup and dropoff repair service in order to get his clients the help they required. With the expansion came also the need to extend his service area, which now includes Cheshire, Wallingford, Meriden, Berlin, and North Haven. 

“A lot of my clients are coming from Elim Park or homes in Cheshire,” he added. “I am excited to be able to help those who otherwise would have to send their hearing aids out for a very expensive replacement. Usually the fix is a really simple cleaning, which costs the client significantly less.”

Arguably the most conveient part of Wills’ business is that he can usually get the job done in under an hour, whereas sending a hearing aid out to be fixed by another establishment can, depending on their location, take a number of days or weeks.

Wills, who is originally from the United Kingdom, is lovingly referred to as the “English hearing aid guy” by many of his clients. 

“The style of hearing aid service in the U.K. is all home-based,” he explained. “I wanted to bring that level of white-glove service to my clientele, demystifying the process of being tested for, purchasing, and servicing their devices, all from the comfort of their home.”

According to Willis, the pandemic has made life unbearable for many of the people he serves, and alleviating that burden has been one of his proudest achievements. 

“People don't realize that, if you have bad hearing... it’s very isolating and very quickly becomes depressing,” he explained. “The isolation in the pandemic is bad enough, and if you can’t hear (it can feel like) you’ve lost everything. We want to give people back their freedom.”

Wills is also mindful of following all COVID-19 precautions while repairing and cleaning the hearing aids, especially since he knows most of his clients fall in higher risk categories. He changes his gloves between appointments, and always makes sure to wear a mask when handling and delivering the devices. 

“It's so important that our clients can feel safe and comfortable using us, so we take every precaution,” he added.

Home Hearing LLC can be contacted through their website, www.homehearing.com, or prospective clients can contact Nick Wills directly at (860)544-0241.

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