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D-Bat Plans To Hit A Home Run In Cheshire

D-Bat Plans To Hit A Home Run In Cheshire

>byline<by Mariah Melendez

>bycredit<Herald Staff

The relatively unassuming industrial park located at the edge of the Cheshire/Southington line is now home to a brand-new athletic facility that aims to train the next generation of baseball and softball legends. 

D-Bat Cheshire, located at 613 West Johnson Ave., was scheduled to open this weekend, on Nov. 23, as Cheshire’s very first baseball and softball training academy.

Cheshire, not unlike the rest of Connecticut, has had a large baseball and softball community presence for many years, one which the owner of D-Bat Cheshire, Mark Szuchman, hopes to capitalize on. 

“The Cheshire little league and youth sports is huge,” he mentioned. “Cheshire does an amazing job keeping their youth in sports as they get older, and the teams have already expressed their interest in training with us.”

D-Bat Cheshire boasts state-of-the-art training equipment, technology, and nine instructors — five baseball and four softball — who are dedicated to helping anyone who utilizes the facility to improve their game, and to provide an indoor alternative to baseball and softball practice. 

“We really want anyone who is interested in the sport to come down and give it a chance,” expressed Szuchman. “While we have expert training equipment for the experienced athlete, our facility is designed as such to accommodate every kind of player at every age.”

The large facility, which has a pro shop, an area for instructors to give personal training sessions to athletes, 15 batting cages, an open turf field, and an area to host birthday parties, touts itself as a premier athletic training academy, with the technology to prove it. 

“We have four high-tech pitching machines where you can calibrate everything from the speed, distance, and arc degree,” Szuchman described.

“We also have a machine, called Hit Trax, that will take a photo of your swing and give you a real-time analysis of what you’re doing and what needs to be improved. You can even choose to have the simulation put you in any stadium in the country,” he continued, smiling as he booted up the Yankee Stadium simulation for another employee, General Manager Steve Bray, to hit a few balls while he spoke. 

“All this technology is exclusive to D-Bat,” Szuchman said. “But once you become a member, you can use it whenever you’d like to improve your game.”

A membership to D-Bat will cost about $48 per month for a “Gold” membership, which includes 20 percent off any camps, clinics, and rentals and 10 percent off pro shop purchases. The “Platinum” membership costs $68 per month and offers 30 percent off camps, clinics, and rentals and 15 percent off pro shop purchases. Other pricing options are available for a variety of different commitments, with the Gold and Platinum memberships being the most popular.

To learn more about D-Bat Cheshire, or to reserve a batting cage for an upcoming birthday party, call (417) 244-3228 or visit https://dbatcheshire.com/


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