New Bathrooms Being Erected At Quinnipiac Park

New Bathrooms Being Erected At Quinnipiac Park

Quinnipiac Park is finally getting the bathrooms residents have been asking for these past few years.

In November, at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Public Works Director George Noewatne presented plans for the concrete structure intended for the park. 

“The PBC (Public Building Commission) has been looking at installation of precast bathrooms at Quinnipiac Park between the playground and skating area along the access road to the treatment plant,” Noewatne told the commissioners. “This would be a 300- to 350-square-foot building, and there will be two (light) fixtures on each side of the building. There will be two handicapped parking spaces, and the building will be similar to the facility on the Linear Trail and have a brick exterior.”

Quinnipiac Park, which is located on the east side of town, is a 59-acre area that offers soccer, lacrosse, a pavilion, and an in-line skating rink. While these new bathrooms will not be the first to be installed in the park, the existing bathrooms are located on the far-side of the parking lot, separate from the playground and fields that residents utilize regularly.

Commissioner Woody Dawson offered his support.

“It’s a real long way to get to the bathrooms that are already there, so it’s great that you’re doing this,” Dawson said. “It’s a good move and it’s about time that … it’s going to make a big difference.”

Commissioner Rob Brucato also added that the new bathrooms are a welcome addition to the park, and that the people who utilize the area for sports and recreation will be satisfied.

“My daughter is part of soccer and a lot of other parents have approached me about this. They love this idea and thank you. It’s great,” he added prior to the vote.

The project was passed unanimously.

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