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RTC Meets, Does Not Name Replacement For Brushett In Fourth District

RTC Meets, Does Not Name Replacement For Brushett In Fourth District

On Oct. 2, the Cheshire Republican Town Committee made an unexpected announcement:  candidate Eric Brushett had decided to end his campaign for the Fourth District Town Council seat, a move that left longtime Democratic incumbent Peter Talbot running unopposed. 

That remains the case, even after the RTC held a special meeting on Monday night to address the issue.

The initial statement that Brushett was leaving the race came via a Facebook post on the RTC’s page. In a short statement, Brushett offered little in the way of an explanation as to why, with approximately a month to go before Election Day, he was stepping aside.

“I realized there are better ways for me to help my community,” stated Brushett, according to the Facebook post. “And I’m confident in the current Council’s ability to govern our town.”

Brushett did not respond to a request for further comment.

“We were really surprised when it happened,” stated Guy Darter, chair of Cheshire’s RTC and current candidate for the Town Council Second District seat, “but we understand that things happen and we wish him the best.”

According to Darter, while the RTC did not name a replacement for Brushett on Monday, the Committee still has until Oct. 15 to endorse a candidate. 

“We are still looking for someone,” said Darter. “If we find anyone before the 15th, we will announce it as soon as we can.”

The broad field of candidates vying for the nine Town Council seats has narrowed, with six Democratic candidates — Patti Flynn Harris (At Large), Lynn Alvey Dawson (At Large), A. Fiona Pierson (First District), Jim Jinks (Second District), Jeff Falk (Third District), and Peter Talbot — facing off against eight Republican candidates — Rob Oris (At Large), Paul Bowman (At Large), Tim Slocum (At Larger), Sylvia Nichols (At Large), David Borowy (At Large), David Veleber (First District), Guy Darter (Second District), and Don Walsh (Third District).  




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