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PD Warns Residents About New Phone Scam

PD Warns Residents About New Phone Scam

Police are warning residents to be wary of a new phone scam, in which an unknown caller is attempting to gain personal information by claiming to be a police officer. 

Police, in a Facebook post last Friday, stated that they had received a complaint from a town resident that same day. The complaintant stated the call appeared to have come from the Cheshire Police Department’s routine phone number (203) 271-5500. The caller, police said, then identified himself as a Cheshire police officer and gave a fake badge number. 

“The caller attempted to elicit personal information from the complainant, which was not given. This incident is under investigation,” the Facebook post reads. “Please remember that No Officer would ever call to elicit personal information or ask for you to pay a fee to get out of a ticket, etc.”

Police then urged residents to share the message, asking that, if they receive a similar phone call, to contact the department by calling (203) 271-5500.

Under Connecticut state law, impersonating a police officer with “intent to induce another person to submit to such pretented official authority” is a class D felony offense. Such felonies are punishable by a prison sentence of one to five years, according to the state penal code.


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