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Pavano Tapped To Replace Bowman On Council

Pavano Tapped To Replace Bowman On Council

On Feb. 11, longtime Town Councilman Paul Bowman surprised the Council and the public by announcing that he was resigning from his position due to “continued harassment” of him and his family.

Now, the Council has finally appointed someone to take his place. 

“We made an appointment a week or so ago,” said Town Council Chair Rob Oris, last week. “Sandy Pavano is a long-serving member of the Republican Town Committee and past Board of Education member.”

Pavano, who has extensive political experience, was chosen to replace Bowman over a number of other candidates after she reached out to the RTC to express her interest in the position. 

“When Paul resigned, I wanted Rob [Oris] and the RTC to know I was interested in the position and wanted to get involved,” Pavano added. “It is an honor to be offered the position and I am excited to be there.”

Pavano has been involved in politics for roughly 30 years, including being the RTC chair for two years and serving on the Board of Education for eight. She hopes her many years of experience will help her with the task ahead.

“I am eager to use my experience to continue to make Cheshire the great town that it is,” she said. “I want to make sure that Cheshire is remaining affordable for the seniors who live here. Fiscal responsibility while making Cheshire great is the most important. I feel like the Republicans have been doing a great job this year of ensuring that.”

While Pavano is eager to get started, there is one Town Council project that she hopes to become involved with immediately. 

“The (Chapman property) project is huge,” she mentioned. “While I know it’s not going to get done this year, I am so excited to see the ideas and things that people want to do with that space. It’s going to be an expensive project, but a good one.”

Pavano also expressed her excitement over the possible development in the north end of Cheshire, and the two new breweries coming to town. 

“These are really exciting things coming to Cheshire,” she added. “Cheshire is a really great town and it’s only going to get better.”

While her time on the Board of Education has prepared her for things such as the budget process, Pavano knows that she will need to widen her focus now that she is on the Council. 

“The Council takes the whole town into consideration while the BOE is obviously only focused on education,” she said. “I’ll have to set my mind onto much bigger things.”

For Pavano, the ultimate reason why she is returning to the public sphere is a simple one: “There is no greater feeling than providing community service to a town which I love,” she remarked.

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