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Family Dropping Lawsuit Against Cheshire Academy

Family Dropping Lawsuit Against Cheshire Academy

The West Hartford family that had been waging a legal battle against Cheshire Academy over their son’s expulsion from the school during the 2018-19 school year are now dropping their complaint.

According to legal filings in Hartford Superior Court, West Hartford residents Theodore and Sonia Mancini, who had sued the school alleging their son Michael had been expelled from the school last year for openly expressing conservative views that school staff had considered offensive, have withdrawn their complaint.

Hartford-based attorney James F. Sullivan, who represented the Mancini family, said last Friday via email, “The parties have resolved their differences.”

Details on that resolution were not immediately made available. 

Ken Mason, marketing director for Cheshire Academy, declined to comment.

The Mancinis had alleged their son was expelled from the private school because staff members had considered his views offensive. In subsequent legal filings, attorneys representing Cheshire Academy had countered that Michael Mancini, who was a sophomore at the time, had been expelled because the teen had violated the school’s code of conduct, had been disruptive in class and verbally abused his classmates.

The withdrawal comes several months after a Superior Court judge had granted Cheshire Academy's request for a protective order against the Mancinis, prohibiting them from contacting Michael Mancini’s former Cheshire Academy classmates.

Sullivan subsequently filed a motion asking the court to reconsider that protective order.


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