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Guo Looks Back On The Sweet Sounds Of A High School Career

Guo Looks Back On The Sweet Sounds Of A High School Career

Cindy — or as she is better known, Yaya — Guo has been an overachiever since she began middle school and has taken every opportunity since then to completely immerse herself in academics. 

Now, those efforts have paid off. 

On May 22, Cheshire High School announced Guo as the 2020 Salutatorian for her academic prowess throughout her high school career. Guo will be heading to Yale University in the fall, where she will enter the growing field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as a molecular biophysics/ biochemistry major.

“I have had a lot of fun at Cheshire High,” Guo began. “The relationships I made here are some that I know I will have for a really long time.”

Throughout Guo’s time at Cheshire High School, she joined numerous school clubs such as Model UN, student government, and Young Democrats, all while continuing to pursue her academic interests.

“Yaya has always been so self-driven, ever since she started 7th grade,” her mother, Birong Su, reflects. “I have been so blessed to be her mother; she is so self-driven. Sometimes I feel like all I do is feed her and drive her places — she does the rest.”

Guo was the 2020 Senior Class President, although due to COVID-19 her role became very minimal.

“We were really looking forward to getting to plan prom and all the other fun senior events this year, but unfortunately none of that got to happen this year, which was a let down,” she said.

Guo was also heavily involved in Cheshire High School’s Marching Ram Band, in which she played multiple instruments throughout her four years.

“I actually missed the marching band practice at first when I originally joined band as a sophomore,” Guo remembered. “So they had to put me in ‘the pit’ which is the part of the band that doesn’t really move around. They had me playing the marimba and electric piano, but, when I finally joined the marching band, I played the flute.”

Guo’s musical talents extend far beyond the CHS Marching Band, having played the electric piano for the past 13 years.

“I usually play the piano year round when there is no marching band, and it has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, whether it was for school or not,” she added. 

When Guo isn’t at Cheshire High School for any one of her multiple extracurriculars, she can be found on the ice skating rink. 

“I have been figure skating for a really long time, but I’m not a professional or anything!” she laughed. “I usually help the younger kids learn their basic skills on the rink.”

While the last year certainly didn’t end the way Guo and the rest of  her classmates had hoped, she is confident that graduation on Aug. 2, however it may look, will be a great day. 

“We’ve been through a lot together this year, and it will be nice to have some sort of end to all of this, regardless of how it might come together,” she said.


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