Sherwood Takes Over As Elementary Special Ed Supervisor

Sherwood Takes Over As Elementary Special Ed Supervisor

As the Cheshire Public School system traverses the unknown waters of education during a pandemic, the District recently gained a new team member. 

At the Dec. 17 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent of Schools Jeff Solan introduced CPS’s new Elementary Special Education Supervisor, Christina Sherwood, who will help Cheshire’s most at-need students.

“This position was vacated recently when we appointed Robin Ann Carey to PPS Director from the elementary special education supervisor,” Solan said. “Since that time, we’ve been engaged in a comprehensive search to replace that really important position in our leadership team.”

According to Solan, Sherwood’s experience, not only with special education students, but with the Cheshire School system in general, made her stand out from the crowd. 

“Her 11 years in special education encompasses several key experiences leading (to) her desire to pursue a leadership role,” he said. “She began her career in education as an instructional assistant supporting special education students in various settings, including self-contained classrooms. Christina quickly made the transition to teaching by working with students with disabilities in Ansonia. …”

Sherwood has spent the last eight years working in the Cheshire School District, and has used her time in Cheshire to catapult herself into consideration for an administrative position. 

“I have gained a lot of experience working in Cheshire with these students,” Sherwood told The Herald. “[This position] seemed like a natural pathway for me to go into. I am excited to get started.”

In her new position, Sherwood will be responsible for assisting families of students with disabilities, as well as creating valuable programming and scheduling for all of her students. 

“Each district does things differently, but for Cheshire, this position means I am stepping into a much more responsible role,” said Sherwood. “I will be working on programming, scheduling my students and their different routines, running evaluations, and making sure things run smoothly for our students.”

Many families are concerned about the pandemic’s effects on students with disabilities, and how remote learning coupled with long stretches of time away from school may negatively impact their children. Sherwood is confident that the Cheshire District is exploring ways to combat any issues that have arisen, and may still. 

“While it is really hard to say how things are going to go in the months and years ahead, we are committed to our students,” she said. “We have a great staff and we take a lot of pride in what we do and what we can provide. We have absolutely no playbook for how to do this, but so far, so good.”

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