Subdivision At Old McKinley Tree Farm Site Approved By Planning And Zoning

Subdivision At Old McKinley Tree Farm Site Approved By Planning And Zoning

Cheshire is about to be home to yet another subdivision.

Last week, on Feb. 8, the Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved plans for a subdivision to be built at the site of the former McKinley Christmas Tree Farm. McKinley Estates, which is being built by PABCO, Inc., will comprise 13 residential lots, including one house that is already located on the property. Each lot will be roughly 40,000 square feet or larger.

The subdivision will be located at 1415 Marion Rd. 

In addition to approving the application for a special permit, PZC members also approved a waiver of sections 3, 9 and 11 of the Cheshire zoning regulations which deal with earth filling, removal, or regrading permits, as well as a grading permit for the location.

“The McKinley Estates Residential Subdivision … will not involve or create substantial risk of damage to any abutting property and (the Planing and Zoning Commission) hereby approves this regrading and waiver requests,” concluded Commissioner Sean Strollo.

At the previous PZC meeting held on Jan. 25, attorney Anthony Fazzone, who represents McKinley Estates, explained that the subdivision will have a registered home owners association that all future residents must join prior to moving into the subdivision.

The Cheshire Fire Department provided comments, which Town Planner William Voelker read into the record. According to the letter, the Fire Department requested that the applicant, PABCO Inc., should address a few key issues regarding appropriate paving for emergency vehicles. Voelker read that lots 5, 6, and 11 would need work done to allow for emergency vehicles to have better access to the properties.

The applicant has addressed all the Fire Department concerns prior to this particular public hearing.

Both Commissioners Matt Bowman and Chairman Earl Kurtz III recused themselves from the public hearing, and were replaced by alternates Robert Anderson and Tom Selmont. 

Bowman later confirmed that he recused himself due to personal conflict of interest in the matter.

All three applications passed unanimously.

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