Town Continues To Work On New, Streamlined Website

Town Continues To Work On New, Streamlined Website

Assistant Town Manager Arnett Talbot and Town Manager Sean Kimball anticipate that the Town of Cheshire’s new website will be up and running for residents in the near future, though certain tweaks still need to be made.

“We’re really excited to have this,” expressed Talbot. “We’ve been working on this for quite some time now and it’s something we’ve needed as a town for a while.”

The new website, which has no set launch date as of yet, will offer a more streamlined look, as opposed to the current, cumbersome layout. 

“We took a look at many other cities and town websites,” mentioned Talbot. “We’ve taken what we think is the best from each and really have created something we think people are going to enjoy.”

The new website — which both Talbot and Kimball insist will be the product of the work put in by a team of dedicated employees — is expected to provide Cheshire residents with a fresh, clean user-interface with easy-to -use “quick links” and a much-needed search bar to help users navigate the multiple pages of information.

“What has taken us such a long time is digitizing municipal forms and building all the webpages for each link,” explained Talbot. “But once it’s done, people are going to love the ease of it.”

Each department has its own webpage, and some will be color-coordinated with links to various forms, specialized policies, and contact information. Talbot is especially excited about the updated calendar feature.

“Residents can search the daily calendars and find out what meetings are happening when, and the agenda and minutes for past meetings,” she said. “Gone are the days where you will have to scroll forever to see that information!”

The website will also provide citizens with an online payment option, where residents can pay for various services and registrations.


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