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Truncated School Recess Starts This Friday, Solan Announces

Truncated School Recess Starts This Friday, Solan Announces

In recent weeks, Superintendent of Schools Jeff Solan has made it clear to public school students and their families that he intended to keep the regularly-scheduled April break intact to in order to give everyone a break from remote learning.

At the April 6 virtiual meeting of the Board of Education, held to update residents as to how remote learning is going for students and families, he reiterated that sentiment… with a modification.

“As you know, the schools, per the Governor’s order, will be closed until April 20...” he began. “Unfortunately, if you are familiar with the forecast from the state epidemiologist, it looks like that's more of a probability that [the date] will be extended…

“I want to remind people that we our truncating our April break. It will begin this Friday, April 10, and then we’ll have the following Monday and Tuesday off,” he explained.

Solan listed many reasons for the shortened vacation, the first being that he and the District recognize that students and staff, after working in a remote learning environment for the past 14 days, have gotten used to a routine. 

“We wanted to maintain that routine,” he added “But, in thinking that this may go a much greater distance—remote learning—that we might want to keep a few days in our pocket to apply those potentially later in the school year if we needed to.”

Solan then alluded to the fact that, if everything goes well, the days may be able to be taken off towards the end of the year.

 Assistant Superintendent Marlene Silano then presented her report on remote learning. Silano discussed the largely positive results the District has been receiving from a survey sent out to parents and staff, and announced that a survey for students would be sent out later this week. 

“Based on the results... we have made the decision for our third grade students to use Google Classroom,” she announced. 

Previously, grades three and below were utilizing a paper toolkit, which was sent home with students prior to the state-wide school closures. Silano and the rest of the District have been able to provide Chromebooks to all students who need them, and Wi-Fi devices for homes without Internet access, according to her report. 

Silano then went on to discuss state testing, and announced that statewide PSAT’s have been canceled for all students.

Any questions regarding the Cheshire School District’s response to the COVID-19 virus or remote learning can be directed to cpscovid19@cheshire.k12.ct.us.


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