Vaccine Eligibility Expanding In Coming Weeks

Vaccine Eligibility Expanding In Coming Weeks

Chesprocott Health District has been transitioning from contact tracing and quarantining to vaccination campaigns over the last several weeks.

Maura Esposito, the director of Chesprocott, at the Feb. 9 meeting, gave the Town Council her most recent update as to how Cheshire is doing.

“Contact tracing is ongoing at Chesprocott as we continue to be excited about the new vaccines that are coming to us,” she began. “Cheshire has had 1,399 positive cases since the virus began, and in January we had 356 cases.” 

Esposito explained that her team has hosted 10 vaccination clinics, and have given out a total of 1,808 shots. 

“February 18 and 19, there are two clinics (planned) for 800 people over 75 years old (who will be) getting the second dose,” she said. “If someone gets the first shot at the (Chesprocott) clinic, they should get their second shot at the clinic.”

“In December, there were problems … with (appointments  being cancelled due to no vaccine. …” she explained. 

Up until now, vaccinations have been for Phase 1A individuals, which includes health care workers and those who are 75 years of age and older. On Feb. 11, Governor Ned Lamont announced that vaccinations would begin to open up to adults who are age 65 and older.

According to Esposito, in March the vaccinations for frontline essential workers, including teachers, town staff, and people who are at an increased risk for illness and those who have underlying medication conditions such as cancer, COPD, and kidney disease, will commence.

Esposito also explained how the site for future clinics will no longer be at the Cheshire Community Pool but, instead, at another well-known location in town. 

“(Chesprocott) health district will transition to the Senior Center,” she said, adding that Chesprocott will be operating at the pool facility until March 11.

“It is clear there are difficulties with the older age group on computers and email to register for vaccinations,” she added. “VAMS is changing, making it easier to use third party VAMS. People (can) call the phone number, provide information, and get an appointment to show up.”

Esposito also explained that there are mass vaccination sites available nearby, such as at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, Yale New Haven Hospital, UConn Health, Trinity Health Care, and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury. 

“The clinic at the Oakdale Theater is sponsored by Hartford HealthCare,” she clarified. 

The current CT VAMS phone number is 1-877-918-2224. Residents can also make vaccination appointments through the Chesprocott website at

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