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Vandals Target Concession Stand Behind Cheshire High School

Vandals Target Concession Stand Behind Cheshire High School

The District is looking into an incident of vandalism after graffiti was found on the concession stand behind Cheshire High School earlier this month,

According to Cheshire School District Operations Officer Vin Masciana, a vehicle was viewed, on a security camera, pulling into the CHS driveway off of Route 10 at approximately 4:37 a.m. on Saturday, June 6.

Masciana explained that five individuals entered the athletic complex and “walked past the concession stand, went onto the main game field and, on the way back, they could be seen (on video) spray-painting the concession stand (before leaving) the high school around 4:48 a.m.”

The vandals spray-painted a blue “S” on the back side of the concession stand, along with a few blue symbols on the rear of the ticket stand. There is also a blue “S” spray painted on the pavement, over the CHS Rams logo. 

The vandalism came as a surprise to many members of the community, who took to Facebook to voice their displeasure. Cheshire Board of Education Chair Tony Perugini attempted to quell any misinformation about the incident when it happened, assuring the public that the situation was being handled by the Cheshire Police Department.

According to Masciana, Cheshire High School resource officer Gretchen Ovensy was responded to the scene, and is working on the case. 

Lieutenant Mike Durkee did inform  The Herald that the case is still ongoing and the suspects have yet to be caught.

If you know anything about the vandalism, the CPD  is requesting you contact them at (203) 271-5500.


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