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Youth Services Looking For Amazing Teens

Youth Services Looking For Amazing Teens

Cheshire Youth Services and the Yellow House will be launching a new campaign in June called Cheshire Youth Make An Impact. Each week, Cheshire Youth Services’ hope is to turn the spot light onto one amazing Cheshire youth that is making a difference in the community.

Help CYS celebrate all the amazing, innovative things the young people in the community are doing. 

The department needs to hear from you. If you are that youth, or know of one, send an email to lblackwell@cheshirect.org. Include in the email a description of what the youth’s impact is on the community, environment or an organization they are directly helping. Include their first name, grade and school along with a picture or short video of them in action with their talent, skill, donations, new business venture, initiative or project that is making a difference.

Nnote that the submissions can be COVID-19 related or something completely independent of the virus that such as making an impact on others or the environment.

For more information, contact Lauren Blackwell-Rynich at lblackwell@cheshirect.org or call (203) 271-6691.


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