CIAC Won’t Cancel Spring Sports Just Yet

CIAC Won’t Cancel Spring Sports Just Yet

During mid to late March in Cheshire, fields and gyms are usually busy with many different high school sports teams getting prepared to start the spring season.

However, this year, an unprecedented situation has kept athletes and coaches from coming together. Due to the world-wide outbreak of COVID-19 or corona virus, Cheshire High School has had spring sports postponed by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, while Cheshire Academy is also waiting to make a decision on the 2020 season.

On Wednesday, CIAC held a teleconference with 70 school, athletic, and governmental leaders from around the state. After a discussion, they announced that canceling the season would be premature at this time.

CIAC added that any future plan would need to adhere to guidelines from the Governor’s office, Department of Education, and health experts on reopening schools.

Back on March 10, the CIAC canceled the winter state tournaments due to the ongoing health pandemic.

“Assuming we return back to school this spring, it (playing sports) would give some normalcy to the kids,” said CHS Athletic Director Steve Trifone. “I would rather do a shortened season instead of losing it entirely, as long as we can meet the safety standards.”

Last week, Cheshire Public Schools announced that school would be closed for a period of at least two weeks. With that decision, facilities were shut down and CHS teams were asked to not get together in groups.

“For the most part, I’m staying at home,” said senior Lindsey Abramson, a softball quad-captain with seniors Ari Perlini, Emma Watkinson, and junior Bri Pearson. “Even though people my age have healthy immune systems, I don’t want to be a carrier for someone who doesn’t.”

While embracing social distancing, Abramson is training on her own and also following a team workout at home.

“I live right off the linear trail and I’ve been biking every day for the most part,” said Abramson. “I’ve been in contact with the other captains and there is positive talk between us.”

As a goalkeeper for the CHSboys’ lacrosse team, senior Brendan Grove is having his dad take shots on him at home.

“We have to look forward to the season and until they say that it is over, we need to be ready to play,” stated Grove, who added that his team met with first-year head coach Mike Devine before school closed.

While not knowing if he will play his final season, Grove takes solace in the fact that he played his heart out every second he’s been a Ram.

“You never know when it might be your last game whether by something crazy like this or an injury,” explained Grove. “I know that I’ve given everything I have and, if this is the end, I can live with that.”

Trifone echoed the sentiment that participating in athletics shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“We just have to respect the privilege to play when we have it,” stated Trifone.

Like the CIAC, CA is waiting to make a call about spring sports. The Cats softball team was able to travel to Florida for spring training and went undefeated at 7-0.

“We had an amazing week down there,” said senior Riley Norwood. “I really hope that we get to play this spring.”


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