Democratic Candidates Want You To “Shed Your Baggage”

Democratic Candidates Want You To “Shed Your Baggage”

Democratic Town Council candidate Jim Jinks, Democratic Board of Education candidate Samantha Rosenberg and the Cheshire Democratic Town Committee are holding a ‘’Shed Your Baggage. Donate a Tote’’ event, a tote bag drive to benefit Cheshire Human Services clients.

Beginning today, Aug. 1 , consumers will be required to pay for the use of plastic shopping bags — 10 cents per bag — and some retailers, such as Stop & Shop, will also be charging 10 cents per paper bag beginning in September. In response, Jinks, Rosenberg and the Democratic slate for this year’s municipal elections are holding an event to collect lightly used and new shopping tote bags. The donated bags will go to Cheshire residents that receive monthly food vouchers via Cheshire Human Services.

Town Council candidate Jim Jinks said, “... 10 cents is 10 cents.”

“For a family of four,” he continued, “that typically make a couple of trips to the grocery store each week, it can be a lot of bags and 10 cents a bag adds up. Myself and Sam (Rosenberg) and the entire slate are simply aiming to help our neighbors that can least afford the additional cost of the bags.”

Rosenberg, a teacher, administrator and candidate for Board of Education this year, says that, ‘’This per bag cost comes at a time when families have to think about back to school supplies as well. We want to make sure this isn’t an item they need to be concerned with when having to prepare their children for the new school.”

“Shed Your Baggage. Donate a Tote’’ will take place in the front lot at Cheshire High School, 525 South Main St., on Wednesday, Aug. 7, from  5 to 7 p.m., and Saturday, Aug. 10, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Residents wanting to donate can drop off new or lightly used shopping tote bags at CHS. If the days/times are not convenient, contact Sam Rosenberg ( or Jim Jinks ( to arrange a pickup at your home or office in town.


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