2020 Will Set The Tone For Cheshire’s Future

2020 Will Set The Tone For Cheshire’s Future

No one can predict with 100 percent certainty what the next 12 months will bring.

Life rides along on waves, bobbing up and down, moving with an unseen current, never acting in a way that can be anticipated. But even acknowledging that absolute truth, one thing can be safely said about 2020: What’s decided this year will help set the course of Cheshire for decades to come.

So far, the School Modernization Committee has met twice. They will continue to gather, to research, and to discuss what it is the Town of Cheshire should do about its aging school infrastructure. If those discussions are fruitful, the Committee plans to submit recommendations — a roadmap for future projects — to the Town in September. Then, voters could be asked to approve projects sent to referendum in November.

By this time next year, Cheshire could — should — have a detailed plan in place … one with a price tag attached.

Whatever that bottom line is, it will likely be larger than any ever seen in the community. In order to address this issue, either with new buildings or refurbishments to current facilities, Town leaders will be asking residents to ante up in a way that will almost assuredly be historic.

Will the project/s pass referendum? There’s no way to know. Cheshire is entering uncharted territories and how people react will remain a mystery until the moment to vote arrives.

But what is guaranteed is that Cheshire’s course will be set this year.

When the calendar turns to 2020, the Town will officially be on the clock, and all eyes will be watching to see not only what the Modernization Committee comes up with, but whether it will draw enough support to move forward.


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