Adinolfi Worked Hard For The Betterment Of Cheshire

Adinolfi Worked Hard For The Betterment Of Cheshire

Cheshire was not Al Adinolfi’s native home.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1934, Adinolfi would not move to Cheshire until 1979. But Cheshire would certainly become his home, and he’d dedicate much of his life to ensuring that the community got its fair share from Hartford.

Whether one was a fan of Adinolfi’s politics or agreed with every vote he cast while a member of the Connecticut General Assembly is immaterial. He was someone who committed his time and efforts to doing what he believed was best for Cheshire, it’s citizens, and most especially the men and women within the state who put their lives on the line in service to the country.

That kind of commitment should be applauded, no matter one’s political affiliation, and his legacy as a representative, who won and lost elections but kept coming back time after time, was cemented long ago.

It was with sadness that the community learned of Adinolfi’s passing last week. We hope that the remembrances of him, shared by Connecticut leaders of all political leanings over the last few days, will assuage some of the grief his family understandably feels during this time.


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