If Approved, Town Should Welcome “Another” Medical Facility

If Approved, Town Should Welcome “Another” Medical Facility

The proposed medical facility in the northern end of Cheshire is quite literally in its infancy phase.

Local officials have begun the first stage of review, with no timetable set for when a final decision could be made.

Moving from concept to shovel-ready is a long process, so there are a lot of moving parts that still must line up in order for the project to become a reality. There’s no guarantee that anything recently presented to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission will become a reality in the near future.

So the addition of “another medical building” in Cheshire is by no means assured, but if the proposal does pass muster and if all of the Town’s zoning regulations are adhered to and building requirements met, and if the facility is ready to become a tax-paying member of the community, it should be welcomed with open arms.

Whenever a project of this nature is proposed, one hears a lot of grumbling about how the town has “too many” of this or that type of business. Peruse social media or enter into a casual conversation with a resident or two and you’re bound to hear someone lament the fact that Cheshire doesn’t “need” anymore of a certain kind of establishment, and could instead do with something in short supply.

That of course isn’t unique to Cheshire. Go to any community and you’ll likely find residents who want less of one kind of business and more of another.

Fair enough. A critical review of Cheshire’s business community would certainly reveal areas of need. But the Town doesn’t have a say in who wants to come here. The community can’t force any owner to move to or begin a business in town. The only thing local leaders can control is how accommodating and attractive they make Cheshire to business leaders.

That’s something everyone, from the Town Manager to the Economic Development Coordinator to the Town Council, has been working on for a while, and it appears the fruit of their labor is beginning to ripen.

If what grows on the vine is more medical facilities and offices, then so be it. These often-stable establishments will pay their fair share to Cheshire, become a part of the community, and help lessen the burden on the local taxpayer. There are far worse things that could happen in Cheshire than for “another medical building” to be erected, especially in parts of town in desperate need of development.

Residents have every right to want particular types of businesses to move in, and as Cheshire continues to make economic development a priority, and as certain areas in town are made more appealing to developers, the likelihood is that the local business community will become more diverse.

But if someone has designs on “another” medical facility in Cheshire, and if the development group dots all its i’s and crosses all its t’s in pursuing the project, then the community should embrace its newest member. What the town needs is more successful businesses, no matter what they are offering.


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