Fishbein Will Be Running Again In 2020

Fishbein Will Be Running Again In 2020

It continues to be an honor and pleasure to represent Cheshire and Wallingford in the Legislature — standing up for smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. I just wanted to let you know that I recently filed to run again for State Representative next November.

During my brief tenure in the Legislature, I have voted on over 2,000 measures. Just to name a few, I voted: against the $500 million bailout of Hartford; against making Connecticut a sanctuary state; against giving $100 million to the Dalios and shielding them from having to comply with the Freedom of Information Act; and against cuts to the Medicare Savings Program, upon which many of our elderly and poor rely. And, of course, I voted against any tax increases. Sadly, as with all of the above measures, they were supported by the Democrats, and passed by them.

On the other hand, I voted: to cut spending; to require the Legislature to approve all state labor contracts; for our state to have a spending cap, and a bonding cap; to pay down debt; to strengthen our human trafficking laws; to train our police officers about autistic children; and for stricter provisions regarding the prescribing of opioids.

Connecticut needs to change its direction — fiscally and philosophically — if we are ever to survive. As we head toward next November, I respectfully request that, should you support my efforts, due consideration be given to supporting my re-election. With that in mind, please be advised that the campaign webpage is

A very happy 2020 to you and yours. I thank you in advance for your kind support and look forward to another successful campaign for state office.


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