Oris Provides Update On Town Response To Virus

Oris Provides Update On Town Response To Virus

To our great Cheshire community: As we continue to address and combat the rapidly evolving Novel Coronavirus, I want to make sure we are communicating with you on a consistent basis to provide current, accurate and helpful information.

I am happy to see our entire community (residents, businesses and town staff alike) pulling together and staying strong. I am witnessing daily tremendous acts of support, selflessness and kindness. It is so important that we continue to support each other and work together to combat this crisis. Please continue to protect those amongst us who are most vulnerable and keep our front-line workers (healthcare providers, public safety, etc.) in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to serve the greater good.

Our Town Manager Sean Kimball has been coordinating updates regularly and I want to reaffirm his messages as we enter another week of this pandemic. While we have no current documented cases of Coronavirus in Cheshire, it is very probable we will soon. Therefore, I cannot stress enough the importance of continuing to stay at home. If you need to go out, please practice social distancing. For now, I urge you to go out only when necessary.

Our parks are open for those needing to get fresh air or exercise, as long as the groups are small (less than 10 people) and all maintain proper social distancing. Please be personally responsible so we can keep these facilities open.

Non-essential town services have been suspended, but our municipal government continues to serve the public. Public safety is fully staffed and operational. Trash and recycling collection services will continue. Some staff have transitioned to working remotely, and staffing schedules are being staggered to limit interactions. Essential and urgent services are still being provided, but by appointment only, which can be set up by phone or email. The town also provides a multitude of services electronically. Regularly scheduled Town Council and commission meetings have been canceled for the next few weeks, however, we are updating technology which will enable remote meetings, with public access, to keep our town operating as needed.

Please know that I and the Town Council are in regular communication with the town manager’s office, we are engaged and well informed, so we can act swiftly when necessary.

During this time of physical separation, I invite you all to join in a show of solidarity by participating in a “Nightly Bell Ringing”. In collaboration with the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Cheshire’s Lights of Hope, the Town of Cheshire invites all in our community to participate in the ringing of bells, chimes, or another creative uplifting sound, every night at 8 p.m. This show of unity will project to the world that we are all in this together and together we will persevere. I would like to thank all who work for our town and schools. Many of you are working tirelessly during this difficult time. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Also, thank you to the many citizens and businesses that have stepped up as well. The Cheshire Community can always be counted on to come together during times of need. I am so proud to be a member of this fine community.

Remember, please stay home, stay safe and stay well.


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