“Short Session” Ahead For General Assembly

“Short Session” Ahead For General Assembly

The 2020 Legislative session begins on Feb. 6 and there are many things to prepare for before the General Assembly meets.

As I discussed in my last column, until the legislature votes on his transportation and toll plan, the Governor is holding funds Bethany, Cheshire, and Prospect needed to plow and maintain the streets. Historically, state funds for Town Aid Road (TAR) have not been held up to push a governor’s transportation proposal or otherwise.

Again, I will not support any large-scale transportation plan that includes tolls. There is no reason the TAR funding cannot be released, as promised.

The Governor is threatening to call us into a January Special Session to vote on his toll plan ... no word yet on a date.

The upcoming regular session of the Connecticut General Assembly convenes on Feb. 7.

This year is a short session. What does that mean?  The “short session” goes from the first week in February through the first week in May. This is two months shorter than the “regular session,” which was held last year.

In the regular session (January to June) the state budget is written and proposed. Every legislator then votes for or against the two-year state budget. Individual legislators are also able to propose bills they feel are worthwhile for their districts and to the state of Connecticut.

In this year’s short session, individual legislators may only propose bills that are “fiscal in nature,” meaning any measure that would adjust the budget. For all other legislation, members must go through the committee of cognizance to take up the issue.

This process is put into place due to the shortened time frame where committees can hold public hearings and meet to discuss issues.

If you have ideas, questions or concerns about a state law or problem that would be eased by legislative action, please contact me. I’m also here to help if you’re having a problem with state agency and need help cutting through the red tape. My hope is for us to work together so that state government can better serve you, your family or business, and our community.

May you and your family have a safe and healthy Happy Holidays and a blessed 2020!

As always, please contact me should you have any questions about these topics or concerns on any other issues relating to state government, at Lezlye.Zupkus@housegop.ct.gov or at (800) 842-1423.


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