Another Successful Year For Holiday Door Contest

Another Successful Year For Holiday Door Contest

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

The Cheshire Garden Club conducted its 65th annual townwide outdoor Holiday Door Decorating Contest during daylight hours, the results of which were displayed in full color on page 9 of the Dec. 26 issue of The Cheshire Herald.

Many of the entries had been nominated by friends, neighbors, or customers. Our Civics Committee was pleasantly surprised by the artistry, creativity, and uniqueness displayed. It was not an easy task to select the winners. Some of them were quite surprised when we notified them that they had won and when we followed through with taking pictures of them amidst their winning entries. One display was so expansive it was difficult to catch it in one small camera frame.

Our thanks are extended to all those displays that were entered into our contest, but foremost to The Cheshire Herald for giving our garden club’s  holiday event full-page coverage not only in their publication and E-edition, but also on their website.


Inge Venus

Civics Committee Chair and Photographer

Carol Goertz

Civics Committee Member


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