Commission, Neighbors Not To Blame For Orchard Closing

Commission, Neighbors Not To Blame For Orchard Closing

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


As a Planning and Zoning Commissioner who voted against the Hickory Hill application to hold events on its property, I feel obliged to respond to Marty Cobern’s remarks in last week’s Cheshire Herald

The adjacent neighbors bought their homes with the knowledge that they were next to an apple orchard and fruit stand, one of several in Cheshire. They did not anticipate living next to organized events which could include bands and the noise that they generate. 

For Mr. Cobern to conclude that this failed application led to the orchards’s demise and a potential future sale to developers is quite a stretch. He apparently has a problem with cause and effect. 

All of Cheshire’s beautiful farmland can at anytime be sold for development, zoning laws permitting. If that happens, it would be sad and the town should strive to protect and preserve farmland resources. To blame the Commission and the neighboring residents for Hickory Hill’s decision to close is illogical and irresponsible. 


Gil Linder 



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