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Enough Is Enough With Attacks On Oris

Enough Is Enough With Attacks On Oris

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


On Sunday, June 28, members of the Cheshire Town Council and Board of Education began receiving emails regarding the expressed concerns about the possible termination of Coach Don Drust. Some emails were specific in referencing a certain Council member that set the stage for this course of events.

Soon, a seemingly orchestrated set of social media posts with pleadings for support, unfolded on the pages of Facebook’s Cheshire Community Forum including a call to flood the BOE meeting of Monday, June 29, with emails demanding the public’s right to know what was going on with Coach Drust’s coaching status.

Then, a rally of sorts developed at Humiston School in support of Coach Drust.

So where was I, a Town Council member, on this matter? I was silent. The Council is not involved in personnel matters in the Education Department or Town Hall for that matter. The Council deals specifically with union contracts and hires or fires the Town Manager.

During my silence, Council Chairman Rob Oris, his wife and his three children were subjected to the most vile of Internet-directed taunts and pornographic screed that would make anyone sick to their stomachs and rattled to their core. This disgusting attack is now part of an ongoing and active Cheshire Police Department investigation.

All of this went on in the background unknown by me and most likely unknown by Coach Drust and most of his loyal supporters. Coach Drust has a large passionate group of families and student athlete supporters. You don’t buy that support, you earn it, but that cannot be where this upheaval rests. It’s certainly not in the best interest of the coach, his staff and the student athletes.

Who is behind the innuendo that Rob Oris orchestrated anything to do with a personnel matter related to Coach Drust? That is an open question. Certainly, if coach Drust had some issues surrounding certification, he’s no different than anyone else … address the issue with your employer and that’s the end of the subject. The mystery here is, who really was the target?

For many mean-spirited individuals, some possibly with political motivations, Rob Oris became their target. Rob Oris is an elected community leader and the Town Council Chairman. Anyone who knows and works with him knows he’s no wallflower and certainly won’t suffer fools.

He is, moreover, 100% behind making Cheshire a better community for its residents and especially the students. It is absolutely unacceptable that some members of the community he cares so much about have so recklessly come to conclusions with absolutely no basis in fact. I stand in Rob’s defense as an elected leader in your community. Enough is enough.


Tim Slocum

Town Councilor 


Local school, election and coronavirus news is more crucial now than ever. Help our newsroom deliver the coverage you deserve. Support Local news.


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