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Ferguson Is The Right Choice For The BOE

Ferguson Is The Right Choice For The BOE

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

I am writing to recommend Mrs. Jami Ferguson for the Board of Education. From the moment I met Jami, her interest in education and community service was obvious. As active members of the PTO at Highland School, and eventually as co-vice presidents, I witnessed how selflessly Jami worked to support the students, parents, teachers and staff at Highland.

Jami spent countless hours immersing herself in the by-laws of the PTO, organizing fundraising events that focused on family connections, creating flow charts to help meetings run smoothly, inviting guests to speak about curriculum, painting signs, and planting flower beds to beautify the school. Her seemingly endless enthusiasm for volunteering and her quick sense of humor inspired the entire PTO. This dedication continued as our kids moved from Highland to Dodd and now to Cheshire High School.

Her experience as president of the Town Wide PTA cemented her knowledge of all aspects of our education system. Additionally, she has been attending Board of Education and Town Council meetings to be informed of long range plans that will affect our town and schools. Jami not only invests her own time at these meetings, she spends extra time compiling and sharing that information with the PTOs/PTAs at each school with an entertaining newsletter that only Jami could write.

Since deciding to run for the Board of Education, Jami has been focusing on personal visits to residents to hear their thoughts and concerns. She is doing all this because of a genuine desire to do what is best not just for her own children, but for all our children. Jami is a warm hearted, generous and dedicated person who is well informed about our children’s education and the value that education brings to our town as a whole.

A vote for Jami is a vote for an informed, thoughtful, and positive voice in Cheshire.

Robin Beecher



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