Forgiveness Shouldn’t Be Dependent On Politics

Forgiveness Shouldn’t Be Dependent On Politics

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Presidential Nominee Joe Biden made a stupid comment on the radio. He apologized, his supporters rallied around him and granted him forgiveness. Mr. Biden continues with his campaign.

State Representative Craig Fishbein retweeted a stupid comment. He apologized, is labeled racist and is asked to resign.

What is the difference between the two scenarios? Two men, who are community leaders, make a mistake: One is forgiven and one is not. 

Do I believe Vice President Joe Biden intentionally made his statement with ill intent? No.

Do I believe State Representative Craig Fishbein intentionally retweeted with ill intent? No.

Are both men wrong? Yes.

Vice President Joe Biden received my forgiveness. State Representative Craig Fishbein received my forgiveness.

I respect Mr. Biden for owning up to his mistake. I respect Mr. Fishbein for owning up to his.

I moved from Connecticut to North Carolina and, in November, I will cast my vote in Charlotte. I am observing what is happening nationally and in Connecticut. It is discouraging that citizens can forgive one candidate and not the other. I lived in Cheshire for 30 years in totality. I encourage my family and friends to forgive Mr. Fishbein because of his commitment to the community, service to Connecticut and dedication to his family and friends. Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior, and this mistake will not change my opinion, respect and support for State Representative Craig Fishbein.


Diane M. Pagano

Charlotte, North Carolina

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