Gagliardi Ready For A “Visionary Year”

Gagliardi Ready For A “Visionary Year”

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

It’s here. The “Visionary Year” — 20-20!

I’ve decided to put on my newly-arrived, 20-20, “Visionary Year” prescription glasses with an eye toward crafting a new vision for how I should see my life. I plan to continue adhering to my major life philosophy —  Only Positivity In And Out (OPIAO). So far, it’s helped to mold me into the happiest person I know.  

OPIAO doesn’t allow for anger, conflict, anxiety, negativity, or any of the plethora of hurdles that humans place in their race to “Determination Day.”  (Instead of using that terminal word death, I have coined “Determination Day” to describe the last day of life, when all of the known unknowns will be determined — exact life span; God; afterlife or not; if you will be missed; if your name will continue even when you will not; and numerous other imponderables.)

Approaching 73, I am entering the fourth quarter of my life. I’ve decided to appoint me as the executor of my own estate and will be de-hoarding my belongings and collections to save my sainted wife and children the back-breaking task of filling one or more dumpsters with the detritus of a life of collecting. I’m also re-working my first will and testament and composing my A to Z list “prebituary” and plans for my fun-eral. (For example, I’m hoping my family will allow me to have a stack of business cards in front of my urn that will include my paper epitaph and my last words, “Cremation burns me up.”)

I plan to insert a series of new questions into my daily regimen. If today were to be my last day on Earth, what must I initiate or complete?  

Who needs a call, an email, a visit and a hug from me?  

Who is owed an apology or a thank you from me?  

What cause should I contribute to with my labor or my wallet? 

I also plan to share my philosophy and my “Visionary Year” plan, beginning with sharing this letter and continuing with presentations to those individuals and groups who will have me.


Ron Gagliardi



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