Letter: State Senator Sampson Gets It Wrong On Immigration

Letter: State Senator Sampson Gets It Wrong On Immigration

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

Rob Sampson’s recent screed on immigration is inherently un-American and violates the spirit of our state, whose motto is, "He who transplanted sustains." Great waves of immigrants — German, Italian, Irish and Jewish — arrived unhindered and built our nation, until the 1920s when nationalistic ideologues instituted quotas.  Even today, those who enter without proper documents or seeking asylum are guilty only of a misdemeanor.

The responsibility for immigration enforcement is a Federal one. There is no legal obligation for Connecticut to do the work of ICE. Undocumented aliens are punished for any crimes per our laws, and that is where the local responsibility ends. And so it should.

Some laws are also so immoral as to require resistance. Our $20 bill will soon bear the likeness of a woman who is most noted for breaking the Fugitive Slave Act. Had he lived in the 1850s, would Sen. Sampson be encouraging our citizens to help enforce it?

Martin E. Cobern




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