Linehan Gets It Wrong On Energy, Police Accountability, More

Linehan Gets It Wrong On Energy, Police Accountability, More

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

While looking up bills to verify for myself, I saw that Liz Linehan did in fact vote for SB 9 — one of the bills from 2018 that mandated extra contracts be bought for green energy. Problem is the bill didn’t have any cost listed which I would have hoped she would have asked for if it was noted. But she voted yes and now we are all suffering the consequences of big rate increases.

Liz voted to diminish the ability of police to be proactive in protecting us and our community. I believe the police bill she voted for makes it harder for officers to get the inventory of illegal drugs and weapons out of the hands of criminals. With all of the car break-ins, I for one would like to know that they are able to proactively get these weapons and drugs away from those that only want to take what we have worked for, now that ability is substantially diminished.

When I pulled up her votes on the school regionalization issue I saw that she actually did vote yes on three bills in the Education Committee to move them to a public hearing. If she didn’t want it and knew her district didn’t want it, then why would she do something that helped push it along the political process?

My decision is to vote for Pam Salamone for State Representative.


Carol Mazzacane


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