Make Renovation The Focus Of Modernization Push

Make Renovation The Focus Of Modernization Push

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I want to start off by commending the School Modernization Committee for all the time that they have put forward in their efforts of building a new school or many new schools to the public — the taxpayer.

They have used outside sources, created videos, made charts of different information and spent countless hours in preparing their presentation to the public. The majority of time, in any presentation that I witnessed, it always led to the same conclusion—knock it down and build a new one.

Why not prioritize the issues and problems that our schools presently face and come up with a master plan to renovate our existing structures? I don’t see anyone knocking down Yale but I’m sure they make improvements all the time. If everyone in this town had their mentality instead of remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or upgrading air conditioning etc., we would all knock down our houses and build new ones.

I disagree on such an aggressive approach to their method of modernization. Rebuild or renovate, the answer is what’s affordable to the taxpayer. I think residents’ present and future taxes are a major factor and equally as important in this situation. I don’t think the SMC realizes how great the impact will be.

The first thing I think about is our seniors. I know of many that have had to get reverse mortgages just to pay the bills. Medical, insurance, utilities, food on the table. I propose an additional tax credit for seniors besides the circuit program that would give a homeowner over the age of 65 a $1,000 tax credit like we presently give the Cheshire Fire Department. The second impact will be on town services, the third on our businesses.

I also commend our teachers and students, especially in these trying times of the pandemic. I hope for the best for them in the future. We are living in trying times and haven’t seen the end of the pandemic. I hope that the Town Council has a common sense approach on making a decision and uses their due diligence to do what is affordable for the people — the taxpayer.


Ray Ilnicki


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