No Member Of RTC Took Part In Protest

No Member Of RTC Took Part In Protest

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I write to refute Martin Cobern’s letter regarding the Aug. 25 roundtable at Highland School.

Mr. Cobern stated Cheshire parents, “… including a member of the Republican Town Committee, cursed Gov. Ned Lamont and assaulted his bodyguard …” In the past I have known Mr. Cobern to be an intelligent and thorough man. In this instance, he is wrong. None of the people involved in that disgraceful display were members of our organization.

The Cheshire Republican Town Committee rejects the tactics of this small group. Their behavior at Highland School demonstrated contempt for the principles of civil discourse and debate. We also reject these same antics when played out in social media or in whisper campaigns across town.

Cheshire faces many pressing issues, not the least of which is modernizing our schools. Attempts to pin unfounded partisan accusations on political rivals accomplishes nothing.

Republicans are determined to present the facts that support a bi-partisan plan, 18-months in the making, and respond to voter concerns. I sincerely hope my Democrat counterparts will pledge to do the same.


Adam Grippo


Republican Town

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