Pelosi Accomplishes Her Mission

Pelosi Accomplishes Her Mission

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

This letter is addressed to U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

You did it.  After three years of hard work, you impeached President Trump.  After only one year after regaining the speakership, your goal was achieved.

And to think:

•You could have passed the USMCA months ago, producing 176,000 jobs and adding $68.2 billion to the economy.  But instead, you held it up reportedly as leverage against moderate Democrats to improve the chances of impeaching President Trump.

•You could have passed a badly-needed infrastructure bill but instead, you impeached President Trump.

•You could have compromised on a bipartisan bill to reduce the price of prescriptions, especially beneficial to seniors such as me, but instead, you impeached President Trump. So he implemented a solution without your help.

•You could have worked to bridge the animosity between the two parties, but instead you orchestrated the first truly partisan impeachment of a President and delivered tremendous damage to the Constitution and the Country.

December 18, 2019.  Black Wednesday.  A day that will live in infamy, thanks to you — someone aptly labeled “Swamp Mistress” by Michael Goodwin of the “NY Post.”  At least you were dressed appropriately in black.

Elliott Whitney



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